Ciclisti misurano inquinamento

22 01 2009
Eiman Kanjo from New Scientist

Image: Eiman Kanjo from New Scientist

ZDNet riporta una notizia molto interessante da New Scientist su come ciclisti a Cambridge vengano usati come “cavie” per monitorare i livelli di inquinamento nelle nostre città in maniera intelligente ed innovativa:

Computer scientists in Cambridge, UK, are using bike couriers to monitor air pollution. These couriers are doing their usual jobs, but their bicycles are equipped with air-pollution sensors and GPS units that connect to their cellphones via Bluetooth. So their phones are constantly reporting the levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen dioxide in the area. And back in the lab, servers are updating a Google map for Internet users and regular cellphone users. The sensors used for this project could also be fixed to a pedestrian’s jacket, which means that everybody in the area could become a pollution tracker.




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